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There’s a lot of filler in in life. It’s time to get back to the basics.

I used to be a Jack and Coke girl.  Then, Jack lowered their proof and I decided to move along to Makers Mark, wherein I became not only a Makers and Coke kinda person, but also a Makers Mark Ambassador.

This seems beside the point, but stick with me.

I used to only drink my hard liquor, especially bourbon, with something – usually, Coke, but sometimes ginger ale or tonic or seltzer water.  There was always some sort of filler to buffer the experience for me, so I didn’t have to experience the true taste of whatever it was I was ordering.

Times have changed.

I’m older now (GET OFF MY LAWN!), and I’m tired of the filler.  I don’t want a buffer anymore between me and my experiences, whether they be with alcohol* or anything or anyone else.  I don’t want things sweetened or hidden –  I want the straight shot of whatever is being handed to me.

How many times have we tried to buffer our experiences?  Sweeten it, hide it, temper it with something else so it may seem more palatable to the rest of the world?  It’s tiresome, and it’s not fair to the people who create in the first place.  If it’s liquor, celebrate it in its natural form.  (Except Jaegermeister, cause that’s just nasty.) If it’s yourself, why are you trying to stop your light?  Is it for someone else?  Because how can they love you when you’re not really you?  What about work?  Do you hide your capabilities so your boss or superior looks better?

Why do we add all this no-good-for-us-bullshit-filler in our lives?

From now on, no matter where I am, my order is, “Straight, no filler.”  How about you?

*except Margaritas and Dark and Stormies and a few others in the drink menu book, cause those rock y’all

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