It Takes a Tribe

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I’ve always felt a geographic and spiritual pull to islands – I like the idea of something that’s left adrift, left to fend for itself, left to evolve into whatever it wants to become.

Perhaps that comes from being an only child?

Even islands, however, have outside influences.  At some point, the “outside” world intervenes, and the island either adapts or succumbs.  However, the strength in an island, or in any land mass or person for that matter, really lies in their tribes.

Throughout my life, no matter where I’ve lived, I’ve always been blessed to be surrounded by people who cared – people who resonated with me, complemented my life, people whom I could include in my “tribe.”  There’s a famous number called “Dunbar’s number” that says you can maintain stable social relationships with up to 150 people.

I’ve never reached that number.  

I have, though, through time and trial, found a tribe of people (mostly women).  None of them live anywhere physically close, but we support each other every day, through the craziness and the fear and the silliness and everything else life hands you in a flash.  We’re not always pretty, and we’re not always kind, but we’re my favorite kind of thing – we’re wabi-sabi.  And that’s my kind of perfection.

I hope you have your own tribe.  It can make all the difference.


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