In It For Yourself

Drenched in sweat, I actually took a moment to look around me.

When I go for a run, I’m lost in my own world, trying to make sense of the noises in my head and focused on whether I’m going to reach my goal that day.  A solid playlist of my favorite tunes ensures I’ll stay motivated.  It’s a great cocoon.

But here I was, in a church gymnasium (thankfully minus the squeaky sneakers of gym classes long past) and drenched in sweat, wondering – why am I here?  Who am I up against?  What is it I’m trying to do here?

The real estate world is a competitive one, as is the coaching and technology world.  Every day, someone new joins the fold, someone with a fresh aspect and a better PR engine than I can muster on my best day.  It’s not lack of confidence that keeps me from trying.  It’s a combination of things but, from time to time, it is intimidating that I may have the same exact skill set as someone else, that there’s no differentiation, that someone will be chosen over me simply because.

I don’t much like “because.”

The twin torture devices of a BOSU ball and an exercise ball bring me back.  As I navigate through an endless series of exercises that seem designed purely to break down every muscle fiber I have left in my body, I realize something.

I’m not focused on who’s next to me.  Or who’s across from me.  Or who did more reps than me.

I’m focused on not falling off the damn ball.

I’m not there for anyone else but me.  I’m there to see if I can do better than last time, if I can lift more weight, do more reps, jump a little higher, run a little longer and faster.  I’m in it for myself.

The only competitor is the one in the mirror.

Really, isn’t that the same in business?  Especially a self-run business?  Take away the medals and the certificates, and what’s left is you.

Your bank account.  Your clients.  Your failures, your successes.  Stop looking around (and don’t worry, I’m talking to myself here too).  Focus on you.  Be your best competition.  Keep fighting.  You can do it.

Now excuse me, I’ve dropped an ab muscle somewhere along the way and I need to go find it…


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