The Battle Against Boredom

Bored bulldog

If you’re anything like me and have the attention span of a psychotic goldfish, boredom is a second skin for you.

It slips on when you let your guard down, when your mind starts to wander and hits a (blank) wall, or when all those exciting plans you mentally had prepared for fall by the wayside.


I don’t even like typing that word.  It makes me feel…bored.

How to wage battle against boredom?  I’m sure there are lists out there of “101 Ways to Defeat Boredom” and such, but I prefer to keep things much more simple.

Step 1.

Turn on music.  Fun music.  Good music.  Music that tears into you, swearing you won’t be able to sit still another minute.  Music that, despite yourself, you find yourself tapping along with, mentally swinging into the next chord structure.

Step 2.

Turn the music up.

Yes, the neighbors might complain but this is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY.  You are fighting BOREDOM.

Turn it up.


Step 3.

Give in to the music.  Start to move around to it.  Dance if you’re so inclined.  Don’t dance if you hate dancing and dancing makes you grumpy.  Bop if you must.  Sway if you absolutely have to.  But don’t let your body sit still.

Step 4.

Close your eyes and imagine you are anywhere but in your current state.  Where are you?  What are you doing?  Is it warm and sandy and sunny and surf-y?  Or is it snowy and sunny and crisp and cold?  (OK, I’ll even allow clouds in.  Just this once.  A good thunderstorm perhaps?  Merely a suggestion.)

Step 5.

Go do something. Run, scream, sing, walk, dance, jive, jitterbug. Even better?  Go create something.  Anything.  Read, scribble, scratch, scrawl, draw, paint, play.

Don’t give in to the television.  It’s called an “idiot box” for a reason.

If you’re feeling super-awesome, go help someone.  Step outside yourself for a while.

Whatever you do, do.  Shed that second skin.  You never know who might find under all that boredom.

What Do YOU Think?