It’s all perspective


There’s been a lot bouncing around in my head (more than usual) this past month or so, but today I was struck by the notion of ‘perspective.’ This occurred due to, of all things, a footstool.

We have footstools for our chairs in our living room, and those chairs are pretty much our work spaces when we’re at home. These footstools are slanted in one direction, and I always have mine slanted so the downhill bit is pointed away from me. Last night, Peter took pictures and rearranged the footstools and today? The footstool is slanted toward me. I’ve never placed it this way. It’s changed the way my legs sit. It’s changed the way my computer sits when I set it down on the stool.

It’s changed how I feel and how things look.

It’s neither good nor bad…it’s just…different.

Sometimes, it’s all a matter of perspective. Sometimes we need to change that perspective, comfortable though it may be, to better grasp how others might see things and to continue to grow out of the super-comfy bits. And sometimes it takes something as simple as footstool to serve as a reminder to change it up a little.

(BTW, if you’re only here for more M.C. Escher, you can find that on this website.)

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