The Passion of You

When I was little, I used to write little stories and draw my interpretations of things – but mostly I just read. I dove deep into words and all their meanings, often getting hopelessly lost in other worlds, to the chagrin of reality.

Tara L. in Random Musings September 17, 2014

It Takes a Tribe

I’ve always felt a geographic and spiritual pull to islands – I like the idea of something that’s left adrift, left to fend for itself, left to evolve into whatever it wants to become.

Tara L. in Random Musings September 16, 2014

A Case for Facebook

“Ugh, Facebook’s down again.” “Facebook steals my privacy.” “Why do people even like social media – it’s useless.” “I’m never going to use Facebook.” These are all quotes I’ve heard across the years from friends, family and people in my technology classes. But today, I’m going to make a case for Facebook.

Tara L. in Random Musings September 10, 2014